Valenti▓n ┏ Ritz▅

Valenti▓n ┏ Ritz▅

DuckDuckGo ┏

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I got hired as a consultant, at first as a Logo Designer. My job was to create multiple specialties logos, who would end up on the front page in order to celebrate people or events who matter to the company. I also do merchandising, icons, and various other stuffs. I am involved in many fronts, all in relation with the design team.
┏ 2011 ~ Now
Role : designer consultant
Tech : Inkscape, Illustrator, Photoshop & WebDev.
Collaborat0rs : DuckDuckGo Design Team


The wonderfull team of came to me to design the brand new design of the Foundation for the Exhibition of Photography. Stunning photos and exhibitions. What more to hope for? So I went for something that would really showcase the work, something simple, intuitive, freeeesh. A bliss to work on ! Go check it out!
┏ 2019
Role : Design & dev
Tech : wordpress, sass, gulp, php ftw, lotta js
Collaborat0rs :

Shiatsu & Dorn ┏

A website about massages. Sounds interesting, hu? ;) Daniel wanted something fresh, to lure in new customers without scaring off the one he already has :) We went ahead and took the color code of shiatsu, tweaked it a bit, animated it. And voilà, a simple project, but a beautiful one ! Take care of yourself and check out this new website !
┏ 2020
Role : design & code
Tech : Webgl, Three.js, PHP

Marie Sahy ┏

Some website allow you to have fun. As visitor and creator. That's what we tried to achieve with this one. Fun animations on canvas. Beautiful design, and colors that will make your eyes bleed. One of a kind.
┏ 2019
Role : frontend & animation
Tech : webgl, js, php
Collaborat0rs : Marie Sahy

Borgatta Menuiserie ┏

Too many websites of technical line of work are boring. We at auwää, tried to change that on that one. We wanted to keep the whole experience professional, but also different from other competitors. We wanted to give a fresh look on the carpenter company.
┏ 2019
Role : frontend & animation
Tech : Javascript, PHP, Instagram API
Collaborat0rs : Marie Sahy

Me and Mr Darcy ┏

Monique contacted us to go crazy. We went crazy. The result is something unique. A floral approach on the web. A colorful play on every pages.
┏ 2018
Role : webdev & UI
Tech : Javascript, PHP, color manipulations
Collaborat0rs : Marie Sahy

Loz'Art ┏

An art collective and good friends located in Lausanne. I worked on this project from day one and hope to make it evolve to it full potential, create something from the ground up. Especialy when it's beautifull project like this one :) /// Photo by Nicholas Simenon.
┏ 2018 ~ Now
Role : front & back
Tech : Wordpress, ACF, js
Collaborat0rs : Brenyard

Projet Stoa ┏

stoa is a big translation and interpretation project, in relation with the Laténium and the institute of archeology of the University of Lausanne. I was hired in collaboration with Sandra Meyer to make a brand-new website. We wanted to create something simple and fun to use as well to the user as to the admins.
┏ 2017
Role : front-end dev & UX
Tech : Simple wordpress and javascript
Collaborat0rs : Sandra Meyer

I’m passionate about the web since my first Aol CD. As an autodidact, I started by doing some small experiments and quickly got involved with WebDesign. When I got into the University of Fribourg, I studied geology and computer science, after that I completed the Procom course. I now work as a consultant for DuckDuckGo and I work as a freelance UI Designer/FrontEnd Developer the rest of the time.

I am always looking for new challenges. I want to work with enthusiasts and have the opportunity to imagine a different web! With that idea in mind, I decided to co-found auwää studio with Marie Sahy to play with some pixels. And there’s more coming soon. Stay tuned ; )

Valentin Ritz

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