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Sandra MeyerValentin Ritz
Wordpress, PHP, jQuery
Photoshop, Illustrator
Medium budget
My roles on the project

stoa is a big translation and interpretation project, in relation with the Laténium and the institut of archeology of the University of Lausanne. I was hired in collaboration with Sandra Meyer to make a brand-new website. We took the opportunity to re-think the whole hierarchy of the content as well as the user experience. This was in part to help the people familiarize with the project to quickly find every information, but also to guide those who are in the process to discover it.

Some mockups and reflexions about the website.

The challenge was about not scarifying the content of the previous website by creating a great user experience that would simplify the access to all the information. This way, those who want to access a specific information, and those who want to discover the website and know every detail of the project can do it.

The stoa website in his natural habitat.

What defines stoa is that it is a live entertainment. That is why we wanted to humanize the project. Therefore, we put a focus on it on the homepage. After that, the spectacles and all their details had to be dealt with. The website ends with private workshops. The menu was built allowing everyone to have a glance at every part of the website and to ease the navigation.

Sexy Booty

Of course the BackOffice was built was custom-made to allow the member of the stoa project an easy edition of the content.

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