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r1> Arena
r2> (un)LEARNING
r3> 45 Seconds of Synesthesia
r4> Mindless Crowd
r5> Jump kofi siriboe - some thoughts re: jump
r7> On the Tranquility of Mind: Seneca on Resilience
r8> 90’s Japan
r9> The broccoli Tree
r10> Teaching the Literature of Mad Women
r11> History of Mouse cursor
r12> The great Martian War
r13> Albert Camus on Happiness, Unhappiness, and Our Self-Imposed Prisons
r14> Double King
r15> Earl Sweatshirt on Whoa
r16> Scott Galloway Says Amazon, Apple, Facebook, And Google should be broken up
r17> Changes - Charles Bradley (Black Sabath cover)
r18> How to be alone