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Marie SahyValentin Ritz
Wordpress, PHP, jQuery, SVG
Photoshop, Illustrator, Inkscape

auwää studio was created with the believe that another web experience is possible. Since 20 years the web has come a long way. But within every era, every website just feels the same. Marie Sahy and I believe that a more graphic & arty web is possible without sacrificing any user experience.


auwää was designed with that idea in mind. The user interface is key of course ! But why not sparkle some freaking awesome animation and eye candy on top of it ? We want the user to remember our website, we want him to explore every corner of our page. For us, it will help communicate a bolder message and a stronger brand identity.


With our studio, we want to have fun and do what we love : fresh design ideas, experiment with new technologies, play with the web and give it back to our clients.

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